A Re-Created Life

I’m not one of those people who came kicking and fighting into recovery. I needed it, and I knew I needed it. I took my first drink and smoked my first marijuana cigarette when I was 12 years old. My Dad ran a cleaning service, and when I was 14, I helped him. Every Tuesday

A Moment of Clarity

I grew up in a home where nobody used drugs or drank. My parents were great. They took me to church and tried to teach me about God’s love. When I was in junior high, my asthma got really bad, and the doctor prescribed medicine to control it. The medicine gave me a lot of


I have come to believe certain things about recovery, and you can disagree with every word; yet both of us can be sober…both of us can be useful, productive members, not only of our fellowship, but of society. So, if anything of what I am writing bothers you, just dismiss it. If anything I say

Emotional Sobriety

  My life was a resentful, dishonest, self-centered and fearful. These Four Horsemen had ridden me to hell on earth. If there was an easy way around life, then I was in. When I started on this journey I learned quickly, “Easy Does It”, doesn’t mean it is easy. To be emotionally sober meant that

Welcome to Wellness!




metnet.com provides addiction recovery resources and tools for addicts, family members and friends throughout the Internet community.

Our goal is to maintain a well-known site for people to visit when they need advice, answers, assistance or just someone to talk with. Common addictions our visitors deal with include drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, over-eating, gaming and shopping.

Understanding addictions, regardless of type carries with it the same basic symptoms of obsession, loss of control, compulsion and the continual use regardless of negative consequences all make up an addiction.

A person can become addicted to any substance, activity or behavior this includes everyday type things. Due to the fact that activities such as washing, eating, shopping, cooking and exercising can become addiction it has become more difficult for people to figure out if they are addicts.

It is also important to know that an addiction is psychological as well as physical and that it is possible to have one with out the other. Some types of activities and substances that people have become addicted to include: sex, work, exercise, overeating, under eating, dieting, shopping, cocaine, heroin, internet surfing, gambling, alcohol, methamphetamine, hand washing, and mairjuana addiction.

Why do people become addicted to these activities and substances? The best explanation is that it may create a chemical change in the brain. This chemical change triggers a craving. When you do something that you enjoy, endorphins are released in the brain, they make you feel good.

This provides a sense of euphoria. That euphoria can be craved, and a person may find they need it on a consistent basis. The problem is that the more often you do that activity, the more of the activity you will need to reach that same euphoric feeling.

The euphoria can offer people who have problems dealing with depression, anxiety, loneliness. The harder it is for them attain the euphoria only fuels their depression or anxiety which then leads to the compulsion to do the activity more often and for longer periods.

This response, when the behavior you were doing or using to attain euphoria also provides you with a negative consequence, yet you keep doing it, you are addicted.