A residential detoxification program that aids in cleansing a person’s mind, body, and spirit is available at Hope by the Sea, a coastal California addiction


treatment facility. It is important to start the treatment program with clarity so that new knowledge about how to live in recovery can be assimilated and retained. The detoxification process can range in severity and length

of time depending on many factors such as the types of drugs used, a person’s age, health, and the duration of prior drug use. No matter what the factors, successful drug abuse treatment begins with individuals who desire change and staff members who are experienced at guiding patients through each step of the process.

First Steps

When a person arrives at the Hope by the Sea detoxification center, an initial intake is performed by a medical professional to determine the type of detox that will best serve the individual. The detox process is a vital step in early recovery because addicts and alcoholics often want to stop using but are unable to fight their cravings alone.


For people who are detoxing from alcohol, a variety of symptoms may occur depending on the severity of a person’s abuse. Delirium tremors, excessive sweating, vomiting, insomnia, and loss of weight are all side effects that may occur during alcohol detox. While alcohol can leave the body in a day or two, the psychological and physical symptoms often require more time for alcohol detox. Our alcohol detox program ranges from just a few days to two weeks.
Drug detoxification also varies, especially if the drug was used heavily or over an extensive period of time. Patients undergoing opiate detox, for example, will experience side effects even after the body has been cleansed of the drug. The symptoms involved with a drug detox have a wide range depending on the type of drug used. These symptoms can include vomiting, nausea, cramping, insomnia, shaking, restlessness, hallucinations, anxiety, hot flashes, and depression.

Craving is the most significant symptom during drug detox, and it is the reason why detoxification is necessary. Drug detox allows the body to stop physically craving the substance, and in turn the progressive treatment program can help the psychological craving. We offer drug detoxification from street drugs, including heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, and crack cocaine as well as prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Xanax. The length of time for a drug detoxification also depends on the person’s condition after the first few days, so the total duration can range from a few days to about two weeks.


Many patients realize that breaking the cycle of addiction requires permanent separation from drugs and alcohol, but even with that realization, alcohol or drug detox is a difficult process both physically and emotionally. For this reason, it should be supervised by medical professionals. Patients’ emotions during detox are intensified by the difficulty of dealing with the physical effects noted above. Plus, throughout the process, they are forced to handle both physical and emotional stress without the crutch of drugs or alcohol—this can feel overwhelming. Our staff is there to comfort and guide your loved one each step of the way.


Hope by the Sea’s alcohol and drug detoxification services are the beginning in a full body and mind cleansing that can help a person succeed in long-term recovery. If you have any questions about our alcohol detox program, please contact us today.