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A Re-Created Life

I’m not one of those people who came kicking and fighting into recovery. I needed it, and I knew I needed it. I took my first drink and smoked my first marijuana cigarette when I was 12 years old. My

A Moment of Clarity

I grew up in a home where nobody used drugs or drank. My parents were great. They took me to church and tried to teach me about God’s love. When I was in junior high, my asthma got really bad,


I have come to believe certain things about recovery, and you can disagree with every word; yet both of us can be sober…both of us can be useful, productive members, not only of our fellowship, but of society. So, if

Emotional Sobriety

  My life was a resentful, dishonest, self-centered and fearful. These Four Horsemen had ridden me to hell on earth. If there was an easy way around life, then I was in. When I started on this journey I learned