Emotional Sobriety


My life was a resentful, dishonest, self-centered and fearful. These Four Horsemen had ridden me to hell on earth. If there was an easy way around life, then I was in. When I started on this journey I learned quickly, “Easy Does It”, doesn’t mean it is easy.

To be emotionally sober meant that after I had admitted these character defects it was up to me to do something about them. After asking my God to remove them, there would be choices in my life that gave me opportunities to better my relationships with others.

I remember once after attending a meeting that had left me with a wonderful sense of serenity I was on my way home when suddenly a deep seeded resentment surfaced. A business venture I had been involved in had not gone my way and I blamed the other person who had stood in my way and rejected the proposal. I was angry at him and fearful that without his approval the whole deal would fall apart. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. As I drove up to my house it worsened and the thought of walking into a cheery family situation infuriated me even more. Didn’t they know that our financial security was being threatened by this asshole that wouldn’t do things my way? Thank God, before I left the car and walked into the house God helped me realized that the situation I was so upset about had occurred 5 years earlier, and that my family was waiting to greet me with love.

Emotional sobriety requires me to stay in the moment and be comforting and loving to those around me. After all, didn’t they just want to love me? I need not be afraid of loving them in return.

My character defects may never leave me entirely, but with God’s help I can be aware of them and deal with them as strength. Knowledge of my limitations and the willingness to turn them over to God frees me of their burden and improves my relations with those who love me.

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